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GUND Bluebell Unicorn & Rainbow Toy Review

As everyone knows magical toys are a huge hit with kids. From dragons to mermaids, unicorns to fairies and of course not forgetting the dinosaurs, the list of magical creatures seems to grow year on year! I can also guarantee that there is someone in your family who adores one, if not all of these creatures AND this is why any present featuring one of these beautiful creatures will go down a storm.

Knowing just how much-loved unicorns are I was delighted to review the stunning GUND Bluebell Unicorn and with the theme of magic looming the team at GUND also asked me to review their Rainbow Room Decor Cushion and of course I said yes, rainbows are pretty magical too aren’t they? GUND is America’s oldest and most prestigious soft toy company, founded in 1898. Their aim is to provide top quality, original and huggable characters and they produce the most loved soft toys worldwide. GUND is extremely proud in becoming the first company to develop the ‘under stuffing’ technique using super-soft materials.

This amazing brand are known for their quality, soft and huggable plush designs and I have to agree, their toys are amazing. Bluebell Unicorn Soft Toy This stunning soft plush toy is one of the most detailed, high quality soft toys I have ever seen. The gorgeous purple unicorn has super cuddly and soft fur that any child will love to snuggle up to. The beautiful fluffy tail and mane makes this gift all the more appealing to children, not forgetting to mention the stunning love hearts and glitter detail. I also love how this cute fantasy creature is suitable for children age 3+ and is hand washable. GUND have most definitely achieved their mission with this stunning gift as Bluebell really is lovely, top quality, original, and huggable! You can buy Bluebell Purple Plush Unicorn for just £24.

So if you’re looking for a plush toy for any unicorn lover, take a look no further! Bluebell unicorn will be just the thing you’re looking for. GUND Pastel Rainbow Coloured Soft Toy Room Decor This cute gift is super soft and displays beautiful colours of the rainbow, from yellow and green to pink and red! I adore the pastel theme to this cushion as I’m not one who is a huge fan of bright coloured decor.

Again with this toy, GUND have designed an incredibly top quality, original and huggable soft cushion that kids are sure to love. But what I love is that it is perfect for children aged one up to teens, as it would look gorgeous in any nursery but it is also the the perfect bedroom accessory for older children too. Knowing just how versatile this gift is I would highly recommend it to any aunt, uncle, friend, grandparent or relative who is looking for a gift but wants something practical too. You can buy this Rainbow Coloured Soft Toy for £29.95. So if you’re looking for any plush toys for the children in your family, make sure you head over to GUND UK as I’m sure their products will not disappoint! This is a collaborative post. We were sent a GUND Bluebell Unicorn & Rainbow Room Decor soft toy in return for our honest opinion. As always, our opinions are our own.

4 July, 2018
Favourite Water Toys From what2buy4kids

The team at what2buy4kids firmly believe in toys that have an educational benefit, as well as toys that are fun too! So whenever we are looking for toys we keep these two very important points in mind! We know that water play not only bring hours and hours of fun, but that the educational benefits are endless too! So that’s why we know that our range of water toys will be a huge success.

We stock a whole host of unique water toys and bath toys that encourage water play, but below we’ve listed our top three favourites and why we’d recommended them. Minilotta Bath Toy Minilotta is very unusual as she is a soft plush doll that’s designed to go in the bath. How cool is that? Kids will love playing with her in a range of role play situations from washing her to teaching her how to swim – she’s the ideal bath toy for encouraging a variety of pretend play situations. Minilotta loves playing in the bath and what’s even more special is that she even has her own swimming costume and little duck. Children will adore the Minilotta Bath Doll, designed by NICI, and having her as a new best friend will make bath time a breeze! Educational benefits Minilotta will encourage kids to play imaginatively and enter the wonderful world of make believe.

Pirate Diving Set This Pirate diving set, designed by the high-quality plastic manufacturer BATTAT, is perfect for kids who love swimming. However, if your little one is afraid of the water or is a reluctant swimmer, then this pirate diving set is the perfect tool for encouraging them into the swimming pool. Kids will enjoy the challenge of diving to collect the pirate’s treasure and we can guarantee they’ll do this time and time again. What we love most about it, is that the pieces sink at different rates which means that children can play according to their ability and skill, so this gift is suitable for a range of different ages! And of course, don’t forget that this versatile gift can also be used in the bath or paddling pool too.

Educational Benefits This pirate diving set develops both gross and fine motor skills, whilst the kids are having fun at the same time. And with this diving set, kids can enter the wonderful world of make believe too as they become pirates and mermaids in search of treasure, therefore this fab gift also develops creativity and imaginative skills. Squirters With so many designs to choose from, dinos, farm animals, sea creatures, vehicles, there’s bound to be a set of squirters that will appeal to your little one! This well-known toy provides great entertainment at bath time and is wonderful for encouraging kids to jump into the bath and get all nice and clean.

Shrieks of laughter and fun will be had in the tub, and what really appeals to them is the idea of squirting you! So take cover as you will get wet!!! Also, don’t forget to take your squirters outdoors in the summer months as they are perfect for water fights too!!! Educational benefits – Squirters encourage hand eye coordination in our children. Simply through squirting, squeezing and aiming these skills can be developed. So there you have it, our 3 favourite water toys for children. But as you know we are always on the look out for more fun and educational toys, so if you know of any other cool water toys that we should stock, please let us know!

4 July, 2018
Three Best Toys To Encourage Kids to Read

With the world we now live in, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get kids to settle down with a good story book . But reading for pleasure is something that should be treasured and enjoyed. It’s a time when they can let their imaginations take a hold and give them that all important escapism! But also it enables children to unwind and take some vital and much-needed relaxation time too! We very easily get caught up in the idea of encouraging kids to be active and to get rid of all their excess energy, but it is just as important to allow the time for them to relax and recuperate too! That’s why reading is such a brilliant activity, not only is it soothing and calming but it helps children to develop from an educational point as well.

But here’s the dilemma, how do we encourage our children to be passionate about reading? We know the benefits of reading are incredible but it’s usually tricky to persuade children to have a love of books and reading! So below, we’ve listed our top 3 toys that encourage even the reluctant reader to pick up a good book and get reading.

Three Little Pigs Finger Puppet set This is a great way to bring books to life. Children will love hearing and seeing the story, time and time again and the puppets will enchant and delight them as they enjoy the tale. The repetitive nature and well known story allows kids to join in and very soon they will be reading and acting out the story independently. So by simply adding a few puppets to story time children enjoy the activity a lot more and you will achieve your target! Hopefully this clever technique will mean that your reluctant reader will no longer be reluctant any more. 3d Dinosaur bookmark Another great way to encourage kids to read is to make it super cool. This is where novel unusual booked themed gifts come into play.

Our favourite has to be a bookmark and of course they come in very handy too. The what2buy4kids team thinks that this 3d dinosaur one is the coolest, they’ve ever seen, and this coolness is also shared with our little toy testing monsters!!! But if your little monster, isn’t into dinos, then checkout the full range. With all these designs, there’s one that will appeal to your child, that’s for sure!!! Dear Zoo Lift The Flap Puzzle We love jigsaw puzzles that tell stories too and this Dear Zoo Lift the flap puzzle does just that. It really is a fun way to get kids reading. Once they have put the jigsaw pieces together using colour matching and problem solving skills, they can then put their reading skills to the test.

The easy repetitive text helps to develop children’s confidences and they will be reading in no time at all. Again this gift encourages children to read without them even knowing it, so what’s better than learning through play? Above are just a few toys and gifts that help children to read but if you know of any great toys that promote reading please let us know. We are always on the lookout for more fun and educational toys and our collection is constantly growing.

4 July, 2018